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HOT Topics Meeting 2/21/17

03 Mar 2017 2:06 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Members on the call were Elizabeth Clapp, Ashley Hurayt, Molly Watson, Ceci Wood, Alison Garrison, Pam Keck and Wendy Turner.  Please contact anyone who was on this call for more information.  They are happy to share their position information with you.

The topics for our call were:

1. Pet Therapy Programs

We talked about the different organizations that certify dogs and their trainers and who we all used.  The places were Pet Partners, Canine Companions, and Therapy Dogs International.  Some of us do not use the word Therapy in our program titles.  Instead we use Comfort, ie, Comfort Dogs,or Animal Assisted program.  Seattle Children's received a grant for their program and hired someone to manage the selection and training of the teams.  

Some members are getting push back by their leaders due to concerns around infection control.  Staff in clinical areas are not supporting this program.

2. Music Therapy

Some have a music program, but do not use the word therapy in it.  Those that offer this have specific guidelines on how they select and what type of music they are allowed to play.  People really like it.  

3. Gift Shop Best Practices/Inventory Mgmt - we didn't discuss because we didn't have any gift shop leaders on the call.

4. Cell phone use - teens and adults - everyone allows volunteers to have their phones in some capacity.

Tuality - Allows volunteers to use their phone for texting as long as they step away for phone calls.

Seattle Childrens - vibrate - no use in the halls and no ear buds

St. Joe - step away from work area if necessary, otherwise staff off the phone

Confluence - they discuss "what it looks like to others" when they are on the phone or texting, but to take calls they must step away to handle

Music Volunteers - Issaquah.doc

Music Ministry Volunteer Position.doc

 Canine Partner Volunteer.doc

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